Men’s Facial Care Kit

Men’s Facial Care Kit


Because guys need facial skin care too!! 3 Easy steps: 1. Soap - Cleanse face. 2. Moisturize - Hydrate the skin. 3. Mask - Calm, Detox skin and even tone. We do Steps 1 & 2 everyday and Step 3 twice a week! That’s it!


For those wanting the whole experience you can add the Toner - Helps to fight ingrown hairs and minimize pores so skin is tighter, and the Facial Mist - Light moisturizer for face, especially good in the summer to lessen sweat from having a heavy moisturizer on face.

Kit Size


“The whipped body butter is AMAZING!!  I love the texture, the scent and how moisturizing it is, without the greasy feel. Cant wait to get another jar!”



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